The Best Desktop ID Card Printer

The Best Desktop ID Card Printer – The Matica® Espresso II is available in single and dual-sided configurations, so you can easily meet your card printer needs for single or dual-sided cards. The entire line offers optional WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, which makes printing and encoding convenient and trouble-free. You can easily match your plastic card needs, as Espresso offers a vast range of options. In addition to this, the options are easy to add as your business needs continue to evolve.
The new printer line works perfectly for a wide variety of application such as Employee and Membership ID Badges, Service and Benefits Cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Access Control Cards, Student ID’s, Transit Cards & more!

Led status indicatorson the front of the printer allows you to monitor the card process at a distance, and the blue LED light on the card hopper door keeps ou aware of your card input availability in real time.

Each printer comes with optional rear output hopper to catch full card runs as needed, which can improve the throughtput speed in higher volume scenarious. In standard setup, having front-side input and output trays is also convenient for situatuons where space is limited, such as on a desktop, in a cabinet or under counter. Each Espresso printer also has the option for inline magnetic stripe encoder, to extend its functionality for a broader set of application uses.

Product Specification

Method Dye sublimation, Thermal Transfer
Mode Direct-to-Card
Resolution 300 dpi
Speed 260 cph
Encoding Contactless chip, Magnetic stripe
Format & materials ABS, ISO CR80, PET, PVC
Hoppers 100-card exit hopper, 80-card reject tray
Feeder 100-card feeder
Connectivity Ethernet, USB
Printer dimensions (L x W x H) 395 x 200 x 253 mm without reject bin (15.35” x 7.7” x 9.61”); 500 x 200 x 253 mm with reject bin (19.11” x 7.7” x 9.61”); 6.6 kg

Key Selling

300 x 300 dpi
color and monochrome
Single or Dual-side printing
Faster print speed – up to 18 ips
Up to 260 cards per hour

Is the Espresso II right for you?

The Espresso II is available with different specifications — modules, encoding, etc. Our local ID experts are available to demonstrate and recommend the right system to fit your specific needs and requirements. Contact us to speak with a local consultative sales representative.

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